arts and snacks

on day 19, we had an excursion of the arts. our first goal was to get inside the sagrada familia. in the morning, we took the metro and stood in a lengthy line (which thankfully, moved very quickly) snacking on some yogurt before getting inside the awe-inspiring cathedral. my favorite part of the building may have been the first thing we saw – the huge, modern depiction of the passion of the christ. it was so unique and full of emotion and thought. we admired it for a long while, before entering inside. the sagrada familia is still being built, so the sounds of hammering and drills echoed through the high ceilings. it felt like a breezy forest inside, and i was amazed by how different this space was from all the other cathedrals and churches we’d visited. we couldn’t stop craning our necks and looking up.

we enjoyed the completed nativity facade for awhile before taking an elevator up into one of the towers. we peeked out of small windows and took in views of barcelona before following hundreds of winding stairs back down to the ground floor. we saw the museum and gaudi’s crypt below, taking our time to study the plaster models of the unfinished glory facade. then, we exited and took some photos in a nearby park, loving the sunny day. lunch was some delicious falafel that we ate in our apartment, while we plotted our next move.

for a late afternoon snack, we finally indulged in the chocolate con churros we’d heard so much about (dipping some deep fried churros into a cup of creamy chocolate). it was a yummy treat, but we decided not to drink the leftover chocolate (which, apparently, may people do). then we got inside of the santa maria del mar, built in the 1300s. it was a massive church that we’d walked by a few times, so it was good to see the spacious interior.

last but not least, we decided to go to the picasso museum, which was surprisingly enjoyable. it was interesting to see his style progress through different stages and experimentations. it was a well thought-out space and we enjoyed being able to spend so much time to learn about his life and works. the museum was inside of 3 old, renovated mansions that had been connected together, and we liked the atmosphere of it.

dinner was in the plaza real, where we met up with brad and rachel again to sample some sangria and paella. we had a great dinner full of good conversation and laughs. we actually closed the place down, and were the last ones to leave. we are lucky that david got to connect with her on facebook before we arrived. they definitely made our experience a memorable one.


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