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anywhere but here

i had a very strange conversation yesterday. it was with my vice principal. it’s no secret the guy likes me. i guess i just didn’t realize how much he likes me. and as i sat there uncomfortably nodding, i just … Continue reading

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English Immersion Camp

from december 10th through the 14th, i was randomly picked to help lead a week of english camp, along with 3 other native english teachers. i was grumbling and dragging my feet about it, mainly because it was on my … Continue reading

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Open Class

Throughout the last year I have had around six open classes.  What’s an open class?  An open class is when a teacher opens his or her classroom to the parents, teachers, and district office to watch their lesson.  The closest … Continue reading

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Chuseok Gift Sets

Well, it’s that wonderful time of year again.  Yes, I’m talking about Chuseok.  People describe it at Korea’s biggest holiday, combining Christmas and Thanksgiving.  But what little I know about Chuseok, it is neither a day to celebrate the birth … Continue reading

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Summer Camp

All last week I taught summer camp at my home school.  Twenty students are invited to participate but I consistently had 10-12.  I don’t know if that reflects my teaching or how excited they are about learning English during their summer vacation. … Continue reading

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goldilocks and the korean kids

david and i had a good evening together. we renewed our gym membership, and dragged ourselves there for a workout tonight. afterwards, we treated ourselves to some valance burger – strangest name and best burger place in all of gwangju. we … Continue reading

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uphill both ways

my walk to school and my walk home really is “uphill both ways” to quote the classic phrase used by elders lamenting the difficulties of days gone by. we live on top of a hill, and for my daily walk … Continue reading

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